Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Effective, Affordable Slab Foundation Repair

Now that my husband and I are finally secure in our jobs and ready to think about starting a family, we knew it was the perfect time to start shopping for a home of our own. Though we are by no means wealthy, we had saved a decent amount and felt prepared to buy something in the neighborhood we both loved. Most of the homes in this area are mid-century ranches, the style we both prefer. Once we settled on a property, the adventure of home ownership was underway. Excited to get things rolling, we scheduled an inspection almost immediately after deciding to make an offer. Unfortunately, it was soon clear that the Austin pier and beam foundation repair of our dream home had some serious issues that needed attention. 

Thus, I started researching slab foundation repair companies in our area, ultimately settling on one recommended to me by a trusted colleague. Once we took possession of the home, we had the slab foundation repair team over within a week. Now that we have full confidence in the work that was done, we can really start enjoying the fruits of our labor. Now all we need to do is add the nursery and start building our brood!

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